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TOUBKAL trip 2022

In the framework of the Senior Project class, and for the second edition, our ASI senior students:

Oumayma Berriane

Rim Rbia

Selma Ouanzar

Nabil lazrak

Yassine Falah

Youness El Oufir

Soulaymane Zekri

Who were accompanied with Mr. Omar Boutaleb, ASI PE Teacher, and Athletics Director; Mr. Anass Lahrichi, High School Math Teacher have reached the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and North Africa. The trip spanned the period from May 31st to June 4th, 2022. With a total of 20 hours hiking over two days, the group was able to reach the peak at 4,167m on Wednesday, June 1st. The main objective of the trip is to enhance the spirit of teamwork, cohesion and challenges.

Congratulations ASI senior students! You made it!

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